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Do I have to pay for the pool installation estimate?
No, we provide a complimentary in-home estimate of costs.

How much mess is the excavation going to take?
The work will be shocking. It is major excavation. So try to look past the mess and visualize the bright sun and sparkling water.

How long do I have to look at the mess?
Normally and weather permitting, it actually takes about two weeks on the average.

In looking through various pieces of literature, why don’t I see diving boards?
The idea of a pool with a deep end diving board needs some serious thought. Most homeowners don’t need deep pools. These models are more expensive to build, maintain and present serious safety factors to be considered.

What about resale value of my house?
The value of a pool when it comes time to sell your home depends on geographic location, the type of pool and its condition relative to your home selling. When a pool is in good condition, it greatly enhances the value of the home.

What type and kind of maintenance do I need to do to the pool?
Owning a pool requires attention on your part to keep the water clean and safe but you should also plan on performing some minor maintenance to keep equipment running at peak efficiency. Every pool is different and the requirements to keep the water clean differ for each one. Keep in mind that a large pool party, using the spa more often than normal or even a heavy rain storm can change the dynamics of the water chemistry and require additional maintenance.

What permits will I need?
Easy Living Pools will secure any and all permits.

It’s not raining today, why isn’t the crew out here working?
One must remember just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean the sub-grade is dry. Safety must be observed at all times during the construction of an in-ground pool. When you’re working next to an 8-9 foot hole, the soil must be sure footed so that one does not slip.

Who will be my contact person?
You will be provided with our office phone along with our foreman’s cell phone. We also keep in touch with our clients via email and offer updates regularly during construction.

How long will my pool liner last?
Every pool liner has a 20 year limited warranty with a five year full replacement protection for manufacturing defects.

Why should I choose Easy Living Pools?
As opposed to smaller less established contractors, we’ve built hundreds of pools and proudly standby the quality of our work. We also have a local office and warehouse.

Can I contact any of your recent pool customers to hear about their experience?
You can read about our customer’s experiences on our website. We will also gladly refer you to a number of satisfied customers who are enjoying their pools every summer.

What are the various steps to building a pool?
  1. Staking of the pool and securing necessary permits.
  2. Excavating the pool.
  3. Erecting the wall panels
  4. Placing concrete footer around the panel walls
  5. Plumbing the pool.
  6. Backfilling with aggregate
  7. Pouring, troweling and leveling the pool floor with vermiculite.
  8. Setting the liner.
  9. Filling the pool with water.
10. Prepare and install concrete/paverdeck.

Why should I consider a heat pump?
Heat pumps contribute to a huge energy savings and are better for the environment. Heaters are 84% efficient - for every $1 spent on energy you get $0.84 of heat energy back.

If I would like to get a master plan of my backyard, how do I do that and how much will it cost?
We encourage the development of a master plan, especially if you are going to have our company complete the work. This can cost between $400-750 depending on the size and scope of work. We offer a rebate on some of the design fee.

Can you install a fence around the pool?
Easy Living Pools, we can do it all. No need to find a separate contractor for the fencing.

Can you install an auto cover?
Yes, we certainly can.
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